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Whistler Limo Service strives to provide our customers with the most affordable prices for the highest quality services. We do so by maintaining our limousines in near perfect quality, thereby resulting in lower fuel usage and fewer maintenance costs. We also implement a specially structured way of calculating our prices, dynamically rather than statically, to give you the largest chance of a obtaining a lower cost whenever possible. Whistler Limo Service is dedicated to not only giving you the grandest travel experience on the BC roads, but to also do it at the best price.

The one thing that we hear most often from our Whistler Limo Service customers is that our travel experience is worth every penny. Other companies offer standard limos for the same pricing that we do. We offer much more, including built-in bars with coolers and lighting, fiber optic and LED lighting throughout the limousine, custom leather or upholstered seating, high quality audio systems that play both CDs and MP3s, and even large flat screen HDTVs with DVD players for your entertainment during your trip. With a special nod to our corporate customers, we also feature USB charging ports so that you can juice up your digital devices. The best part is that you never pay extra for any of these features. Those extras are, in fact, the Whistler Limo Service standard.

If you are looking to save even more money when traveling with us, we have a few suggestions that you may want to heed. First, whenever possible, booking your trip on weekdays between Monday and Thursday will always result in a lower price than booking a trip between Friday and Sunday. Of the weekend days, Saturday is always the most expensive. It's not such an enormous difference that you should go out of your way to avoid Saturdays, but when it's possible and preferable to save a few dollars, the weekdays will certainly shave off some of the cost for you.

It's also helpful if you can plan your trip for non-peak times of the year, which for us tend to be between late April and mid June, as well as St Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve. Major holidays also tend to be more difficult to book, so we do suggest calling as early in advance as you possibly can, though we strive to be able to accommodate last minute requests as well. If you happen to be booking a wedding, ask about our special packages that are available for your nuptials, and if you're booking your bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time, you'll receive an extra hour of service absolutely free.

For complete pricing information and an instant price quote, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at 604-670-7124 or info@whistlerlimoservice.com. Thank you!

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